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For Sale HMS 1/2 Monthly (Click Here)

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For Sale HMS 1/2 Monthly (Click Here)

Post  AdministrationTutih Aya on Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:08 pm

We are pleased to offer the supply from one of our reliable sources as per the terms and conditions given below : CIF Price : $ 230.00 Usd
Per MT. Price weekly updated !
Yard visit after and LOI - NCNDA possible!

WE offers HMS 1/2 Scrap metal (80:20) at best industry standards quality and competitive pricing. Scrap Metal Recycling Limited Steel is a leading supplier of HMS1 & 2 Scrap metal to Steel Plants across the globe. What is Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS)

Wrought iron and/or steel scrap (HMS 1 6.35 mm or 1/4 inch and over in thickness & HMS 2, 3.175 mm or 1/8 inch and over in thickness. ISRI Grade: 200 to 206 . HMS is the designation of recyclable steel and wrought iron. HMS1 does not contain galvanized and blackened steel, while HMS 2 does.

We are exporters and suppliers of HMS 1 that is procured from directly from scrap yards. Prepared from wrought iron or steel scarp, these heavy melting steel are processed in a manner to ensure compact charging. Our heavy melting scraps include HMS 1 (ISRI 200) and HMS1 (ISRI 201).

HMS 1 (ISRI 200):

No. 1 heavy melting steel Wrought iron, steel scrap 1/4 inch and over in thickness Individual pieces not over 60 x 24 inches (charging box size)

HMS 1 (ISRI 201) No. 1 heavy melting steel

3 feet x 18 inches Wrought iron, steel scrap 1/4 inch and over in thickness Individual pieces not over 36 x 18 inches (charging box size)

We offer an extensive range of heavy melting steel scraps that meet the raw material requirement of varied steel plants. Commonly known as heavy metal or melting scrap, this scrap is black in color and is attained from steel scrap and wrought iron.

We process our scrap metal by sorting, shearing, shredding, torching and baling. Our facilities contain processing equipment such as fixed and mobile shears and balers and loading equipment which include material handlers and conveyors. We get the desired metal processed into pieces of a desired size, density and purity that is widely used in Steel Mills across the world. Ferrous Scrap

Over 50% of the world’s steel is produced from this category of scrap. Ferrous refers to the scrap of iron and steel. This includes scrap metals from Automobiles, Steel Beams, Appliances, Railway tracks, ships, equipment and more.

WE have proven abilities in procuring, processing and marketing recycled ferrous metals to our customers worldwide.

Heavy Melting Scrap Ship Breaking Used Rails Rolling Material

Strict compliance to ISRI Standards / International Specifications is ensured at all stages of the supply chain from Scrap procurement to delivery to the customer.

At Scrap Metal Recycling Limited, we also ensure adherence to safety and ecological guidelines, towards our commitment to preserve the environment.

HMS 2 - ISRI Code 204: Same as ISRI 203 but max size 36x18 inches.

HMS 2 - ISRI Code 205: Same as ISRI 204 but free of sheet iron or thin gauged material.

HMS 2 - ISRI Code 206: Same as ISRI 204, but max size 60 x 18 inches.

MAXIMUM QTY : Up to 100,000 MT/ MONTHLY is also available.

30,000 MT HMS 1 & 2 PER MONTH CIF Price : $ 230.00 USD Per MT DELIVERY DAY : 7-20 Days ORIGIN : EUROPE ( United Kingdom) Port Of Loading:  XXX  (United Kingdom)


Kindly organise the LOI from the end buyer or his mandate so that we can organise the FCO in the name of the buyer or his mandate.

Mail to roosjen@hotmail.com
AdministrationTutih Aya

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