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For Sale Indonesian Coal in any quantity (Click Here)

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For Sale Indonesian Coal in any quantity (Click Here)

Post  AdministrationTutih Aya on Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:17 pm

In stock on   from coal export  ET, Indonesian Owner-Coal Miner.
Buyer can talk direct to this seller. The prices are Miner his prices ! No broker between
If buyer can fly over to Indonesia for inspect the mine and the coal.

To help U we need a LOI to start with! so we lose no time the price are sure lowest and only giving true an LOI request to me: Jakarta Amsterdam Trader  (N. Roosjen)  

Commodity: Indonesian steam coal.
Specification: GAR 4200 - 4000 (ARB)
NCV 3800 - 3600 Kcal (ARB) / GCV 5300 - 5100 (ADB)
Specification: GAR 5500 - 5300 (ARB) / NCV 4700 - 4500 Kcal (ARB) / GCV 58300 - 5600 (ADB)
Specification: GAR 5800 - 5600 (ARB) / NCV 5500 - 5300 (ADB) / GCV 6300 - 6100 (ADB)
Specification: GAR 6100 - 5900 (ARB) / NCV 5800 - 5600 (ADB) / GCV 6500 - 6300 (ADB)

Supply Ability: 50.000- 150.000 MT/Mth
Origin: South Kalimantan
Loading Rate: 7,000>8,000MT.
Packing: Bulk (+/-10%) per Shipment
The prices will be on FOB MV, and 100% at-sight LC unless otherwise.
CFR is available on request.
If your company can be issued an LOI or Company profile.
Then we can offer you this cargo from south Kalimantan.
Miner will be respond with FCO COA and BL..

We are ready to serve you with about 17% of Indonesian annual coal supply.  
The coal quality is good this year from each of our miners.
We operate more than 3 mines and they have competitive access to the waterways and export facilities.

We hold mandate authority directly with several mines and negotiate for them
Write their contracts, and facilitate everything through until putting the coal onto ships.

Whether you need spot pricing or a long-term contract, you can count on or Coal it is one the cheapest on the Indonesian market Contact us today.

Since 2009 professional consultants based in Indonesia.

Indonesia's tighter coal export policy, originally scheduled to be implemented on 1 September 2014 has been delayed one month. Director General for Coal and Mineral Resources at the Ministry for Energy and Mineral Resources, R. Sukhyar, explained that this delay does not mean that the policy will be changed. Indonesian coal miners still need to obtain a ‘listed exporter’ status (Eksportir Terdaftar, ET) from the ministry to export coal. The new rule applies to miners that hold Coal Contracts of Work (PKP2B) and Mining Business Permits (IUP).

Main reason for the delay in implementation is that additional time is needed for the processing of more license applications. Local miners had requested the delay as many faced difficulties to obtain the new license amid a lack of clarity regarding the new legal framework, thus jeopardizing coal export and local businesses. Two days ago, Indonesian Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi issued a revision, compelling the country’s thermal and metallurgical coal exporters to secure a license at the ministry first before export is allowed.

To obtain the ET, Indonesian coal miners need to seek a recommendation from the Ministry for Energy and Mineral Resources first as stipulated by Regulation of the Director General of Mineral and Coal No 714 K/30/DJB/2014 (Peraturan Dirjen Minerba No 714 K/30/DJB/2014). To obtain the recommendation, the miner is required to show documents that prove it has met tax and royalty payment obligations. It is also mandatory to have the clean and clear certificate (CnC). This CnC certificate shows that the miner has no outstanding royalty and other tax debts, fulfilled exploration and environmental commitments, has no property delineation issues and obtained forestry permits.

Mail to roosjen@hotmail.com or info@roosdutchtrader.nl

Greetings Tutih Aya.

AdministrationTutih Aya

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