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Warning about of Indonesian crew office's it is oftend Scam!

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Warning about of Indonesian crew office's it is oftend Scam!

Post  AdministrationTutih Aya on Wed Dec 28, 2016 12:36 pm

After four years as business partner four companies' There bank accounts with a simple system were emptied by Indonesian crew providers.

Also the crew companies ask the worker money upfront for an interview lots company work with fake seamen books ! And send untrained people out to sea this is a lot done by crew Offices in Indonesia.

Many complaints of mistreatment defrauding from crew manning agency and the company's who ask for crew is underway! The indictments rain shipping companies and manning crew office on this bondage piling up by Police, governements, Coast gards. And Human rights groups investigate it.

Be careful with whom you do business.

I work with the best Indonesia Manning Crew Agency's

If any Indonesian Crew Company claimed It works for Jakarta Amsterdam Traders dont believe them.

Please watch out there are some Indonesian Crew Company widely engaged in this scam ! without any respect for human rights) check them because your Company contribute to people abuse !

First ask me conformation if a Indonesian Manning Crew Company works for me !

Thank U.

Email address:  roosjen@hotmail.com


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