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Trust- reliability and quality by seeking Crew (Click Here)

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Trust- reliability and quality by seeking Crew (Click Here)

Post  AdministrationTutih Aya on Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:34 am

Trust, reliability and quality

We founded Jakarta Amsterdam Traders on the basis of a huge pool of well-educated, experienced officers as we saw that many shipowners and managers were struggling to find a reliable crewing agency that ensures the proper quality.

At Jakarta Amsterdam Trade we know that our clients rely on first-rate seafarers. Being a leading crewing services provider, we are totally committed to meeting your requirements, and we are totally focused on client satisfaction.

Our mission – to connect demanding shipping companies with highly competent seafarers – we have brought together a very experienced team, and by applying a set of rigid screening procedures, we ensure that only the most competent and fit seafarers are employed.

In addition to the manning agency services we also provide a number of value-adding services such as crew planning, logistics, travel management, accounting and payroll services as well as training.

You can benefit from our high-quality crewing agency services which supply highly competent crews on a single-position basis, but you may also benefit from our full crew management solutions by which we take care of the full crew management of your entire fleet of vessels on a cost or fixed lump sum basis for the budget year.

Together with our partners in the Asia en EU – we can offer you a full crewing package with a mixed crew.

Email: roosjen@hotmail.com

If you are seeking management and operational crew at all levels, including hotel staff, for ro-ro and ro-pax vessels, bulk carriers, container ships, tankers and fishing vessels, we can help you.

Taking our brief from you, once certain that we can meet it, we will define contractual details and establish with you who the employer of sourced seafarers should be.

Supply Indonesian Crew
Segment, such as: Gas, Chemicals, Oil, Cargo - Bulk - Container, Tug and Barge,
Supply - DP, Cruise - Yacht, Fishing, Offshore, and so on.

We serve all types of vessels and operations in demand by the ship owners who need all ranks of seafarers such as Master, Engine Officer and Deck officers, Ratings engine and Ratings deck, Hospitality crew, Experts crew, Fishermen crew, and Cadets.
Crew requirements based on the needs of management for ship operations.
Ship deck : Master, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer,3rd Officer, Boswain, Able Seaman Ordinary Sailor, Mess Boy, Steward, Cook , Deckhand, Ice Master, Utility etc.
Engine : Chief Engineer, 1st Engineer, 2- Engineer, 3- Engineer, Fitter, Oilier, Wiper etc.
Hotel : Housekeeper. Asst House keeper, Cabin Steward, Linen Valet, House Keeping Cleaner, Waiter-tress, Crew steward, Room service, Attendant, Bar Tender, Bar Waiter-tress, Laundryman.
Offshore: Rig Superintendent, Tool Men, Driller, Asst. Driller, Derrick man, Floor man, Roustabout, Mud Boy, Mechanic, Electrician, Cutting Catcher, Welder, Helpers, Mechanic, Rigger, Motorman, Deck and engine marine officer, Paramedic, Material man, Crane Operator, Dozer Operator, Forklift Operator, Camp. Boss-Supervisor Helper, Cook, Baker, Mess man, Gallery Store man, Laundry man, Radio 0perator, Fitter etc.

We are responsible for all expenses incarred by the owner and the owner's representative who has issued the cost for crew process if any of our crew we are in violation of there contract or breach the crew agreement.

We care about all aspects and carefully in accept the candidates.
All crews have good communication skills in English and ready for hard work, honest, and responsible, loyal, polite, friendly with other nationalities.
All Applicants have police clearance and want no bad legal records, have genuine documents.
And so on.

Ship brokerage:

We offer our services to the seller or the buyer as needed by the customers.
Should you need our services then please contact us at any time.

Dutch Manning Crew Office In Jakarta and the Netherlands.

Miss:Tutih Aya
Mr: N. Roosjen : Counselor: Manning Crew.
Manning Crew.
Graha Grande Residence.
RT.05 - RW.07 Kel sukaresmi kec - Blok C.
Bogor - Jakarta - Indonesia.
Mail us if u are in need of Crew, Miss Tutih,
Email: roosjen@hotmail.com

Graha Grande Residence.
RT.05 - RW.07 Kel sukaresmi kec - Blok C.
Bogor - Indonesia.

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