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For sale Used Rails almost sold out (Click Here)

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For sale Used Rails almost sold out (Click Here)

Post  AdministrationTutih on Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:22 am

Updated price  usd 345 per ton CIF to any port in Asia.
Available 30000 Mt x 12 months contract, minimum order quantity.

In order to proceed I will need a LOI from the Buyer that will identify
their banking before issuance of any documentation. Inspection rails allowed

Cargo:                                      BULK

Origin:                                     European

Quality:                                   Quality: USED RAIL R50 and R65.

Contract term & type:              SPOT shipment (2 or 3).

Total SPOT Quantity:               90.000 Metric Tons

Delivery:                                  CIF.

Shipment/Delivery:                  Loading and Delivery will start within
21 days or less from the issuance, verification, acceptance and confirmation
of SBLC by Seller's   Bank.

Inspection:                               SGS or Similar, cost shall be paid
by Seller at loading Port.

Partial shipment:                     Allowed per Sellers approval

Price:                                       CIF USD$345.00 PER METRIC TON
Net to Buyer.

From an agreed to bank approved by
the Seller, Confirmation if needed by a top 25 Bank, Irrevocable, StandBy
Letter of Credit, 90 day validity from date of issuance for SPOT Shipment,
100% paid at sight against presentation of BL, shipping documents, and
satisfactory verification of product after loading.

Insurance:                                Provided by Seller to the Buyer
prior to departure of the


General Procedures:

Upon acceptance of an FCO the Buyer will include and submit to the Seller
their Company Profile and Corporate information to be included in the
Contract together with detailed banking information and a Bank Comfort
Letter detailing the Buyers financial Capability for the transaction.  Buyer
must agree to allow the verification of their financial capability. The
payment will be in the form of a StandBy Letter of Credit (SBLC) which will
be Irrevocable, and if needed Confirmed, the SBLC be payable 100% at sight
against payment documents.  Seller must approve the Buyers bank.

The Contract will be sent to the Buyer for their review, comments and
acceptance.  The Buyer must review and submit any comments or changes to the
Seller within three (3) business days after receiving the Contract or the
acceptance of this FCO will be terminated.  The Buyer can have a
Representative present during the loading process as per the signed

Payment Documents:

The Seller will present the following documents to the Buyers bank for
payment of the shipment.  Payment will be made immediately upon receipt of
the SGS Inspection report and the other payment documents noted below at the
loading port for each shipment (2-3).

The following Shipping Documents will be required to be provided by Seller:

Seller's commercial invoice for 100% of CIF value in three original and
three copies, indicating Letter of Credit Number, Contract Number, shipment
date, and Name of Vessel.

Certificate of Origin issued by Chamber of Commerce, in triplicate.

Full set of "CLEAN ON BOARD" original charter party Bills of Lading made out
to order and blank, endorsed marked "Freight Prepaid" and signed and stamped
by the master of the Vessel notifying the Buyer.

Beneficiary's certificate certifying that they have sent to Buyer by
fax/email one full set of non-negotiable documents including Bill of Lading,
Commercial Invoice, Certificate of

Quality Analysis, Certificate of Weight, Certificate of Origin, and Shipment
Advice within 5 working days after shipment.

Certificate of Weight in one original and three copies issued by SGS.

Certificate of Quality Analysis in one original and three copies, issued by
SGS at Port of Loading.

All licenses, local and Port of Loading taxes, and Shipping and export
documents are the sole responsibility of the Seller.

Seller is the Owner of the USED RAIL being offered for sale.

The product will be delivered CIF as per the signed contract.  The Seller will be
responsible for the full release of all products at the loading port to
include any duties or tariffs.  The Buyer will be responsible for any import
duties or tariffs at the destination port.  Payment for the product will be
effected after the product has been inspected by SGS at the loading port
(100%) and the Documents have been verified and authenticated and the
balance owed paid as noted above.

Your prompt response to this matter will ensure the product is not sold to
another qualified Buyer.

Mail to: roosjen@hotmail.com

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